Circumcision is a procedure performed for hygienic, functional, religious or even aesthetic reasons. During the operation, the doctor removes all or part of the foreskin of the penis, the so-called skin lash that covers the glans, always depending on the needs and problem of the client. Male circumcision is classified as a minor surgical procedure.

Although clients are ashamed of the procedure, doctors suggest that circumcision has several advantages, mostly hygienic. At our clinic you will find understanding, discretion and sensitive care.


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Stay at the clinic
Without hospitalisation
Duration of recovery
7 days
Duration of the procedure
30-60 minutes
Procedure type
Plastic surgery
5539+ satisfied customers
Bet on certainty. We’ve operated on thousands of satisfied clients.
Doctors with 20 years of experience
We have many years of experience in plastic surgery. We always ensure the dream result.
Without the need for general anaesthesia
We perform the procedures under local anesthesia, which reduces pain and speeds up recovery.

Who is the surgery suitable for?

Circumcision is the solution for men who suffer from foreskin constriction. It cannot be pulled over the stomach, hygiene is difficult and inflammation occurs.

What you get from the procedure

  • Precise and gentle execution of the circumcision so that the resulting scars are as small as possible
  • We perform full or partial circumcision, according to the needs and wishes of the client
  • Minimizing pain after the procedure
  • Reduces the risk of HIV infection

How does the procedure work?

Before surgery

During the consultation, the doctor will assess the problem and discuss with the client whether they require a full or partial circumcision. He/she will inform the client about the course of the procedure and recovery. A pre-operative internal examination will be required. The doctor should be informed of any medical conditions and medications being taken.

The course of the operation

Circumcision is usually performed under general anaesthesia, less often under local anaesthesia or analgosedation. During the procedure, the doctor makes the incisions he has marked and removes some of the tissue. He guides the incisions to maintain maximum flexibility of the scar. Usually, an absorbable, very fine suture is used to stitch the foreskin to minimize the scar. The procedure takes 30-60 minutes.

After the operation

Immediately after the procedure, the client may experience mild soreness, which can be easily managed with the recommended analgesics. It is advisable to wear light underwear for a few days and apply a special ointment to the wound. The swelling of the penis should disappear within a few days. Resting regime should be observed for 2-4 days. Return to work is individual, depending on how the client feels. The stitches will fall out on their own in approximately 8-10 days. Sex life can be resumed after the wound has fully healed, which is in approximately one month.

Important information

After circumcision, the sensitivity of the glans is reduced, which leads to delayed climax and, according to some experts, solves the problems of premature ejaculation.

Words of our customers

Dynamics 365 iconIf you purchase the procedure, the consultation is free of charge.


Plastic surgery


We offer our customers the option of financing through a loan at KB Bank – Essox.

How it goes?

After an initial consultation with a doctor, our coordinator will help you arrange a loan so that you can get financing as quickly as possible

You can arrange a loan online within 10 minutes.

You can also apply the Benefit Plus employee program for the procedure or arrange beautyprotect® insurance for a greater sense of safety and security.

The financing offer only applies to patients with permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

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