Breast augmentation (Augmentation) using a combination of your own fat and an implant

The technique of composite breast augmentation allows to combine the use of a silicone implant and the transfer of your own fat. The implant allows for breast augmentation, while the own fat tissue wraps and hides the transition between the subcutaneous tissue and the implant. 

By combining a breast implant and your own fat, maximum natural breast augmentation can be achieved. A pleasant side effect is the shaping of the problematic body area by liposuction. 

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Procedure type
Procedure type

Plastic surgery

Duration of the procedure
Duration of the procedure

60-120 minutes

Duration of recovery
Duration of recovery

14 days

Stay at the clinic
Stay at the clinic

1 day hospitalization

5539+ satisfied clients
5539+ satisfied clients

Bet on certainty. We've operated on thousands of satisfied clients.

Doctors with 20 years of experience
Doctors with 20 years of experience

We have many years of experience in plastic surgery. We always ensure the dream result.

Low-flow anaesthesia
Low-flow anaesthesia

We use safe and minimally stressful anaesthesia. Patients are transported directly to the recovery room after the procedure.

For whom the operation is suitable

The method is suitable for women in whom an implant would look unnatural. This is especially true for women who want larger breasts but have thin skin and the edges of the implant would be palpable and visible. Due to the small amount of fat to be injected into the breasts, the treatment can also be performed on slim women. 

What you get from the procedure 

  • Using a combination of the implant and your own fat, we achieve a natural look 
  • No risk of rejection of own adipose tissue 
  • Allows for a more pronounced breast augmentation 

Before surgery 

An important step in preparation for surgery is a consultation with a plastic surgeon who will evaluate the skin condition and suggest the exact procedure, type and size of the implant. He will also select the area from where the fatty tissue will be removed. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and requires a pre-operative examination. A mammological examination will also be necessary. 


The course of the operation 

As part of the operation, the doctor first removes fatty tissue from a pre-arranged area. The fat is processed in a special machine and prepared for transplantation. In the meantime, breast augmentation is performed using a suitable implant. The fat is then injected around the implant to surround it and make the result look as natural as possible. The breasts are covered with a sterile drape and fixed firmly. 

After the operation 

The breasts are firmly fixed, may be slightly swollen and show bruising. After a 1-day hospitalization, the client is discharged to home care. Absorbable sutures are usually used to close the wound, so there is no need to remove them. 

We recommend resting for the first week after surgery, and light office work can be started in the following week. It is possible to return to normal physical activities in one to six weeks, but care should still be taken with the breast muscles. The elastic bra should be worn exactly as recommended by the doctor.


Important information 

Breast augmentation using a combination of breast implants and your own fat is permanent. It happens that the fat volume decreases slightly, but the fat can be replenished. This is usually done no sooner than 3 months after the last treatment. The breasts look firm and youthful after the procedure, but age and genetic influences continue to affect them. In case of decline, they can be corrected by lifting. 

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